Anthropia, land'll see.

Welcome to Anthropia, if you can call it welcome. Please feel free to come into this kingdom bu I should warn you just because you are alowed in does not mean you can come back out, not unless you are given permission by the royals. So...welcome I guesse.

Hi. Well, I guesse I'd better say welcome, so welcome. To be honest if your smart you'll turn and run but hey, it's your life right. Anyway 'welcome' to Anthropia. A land of peace tranquility, happiness and joy for all men and women alike. If you do as your told. If. Here in Anthropia we have rules, well mostly it consists of this:

1.Girls are to be seen and not heard

2.Girls must do as their told

and 3. Men are superior.Us girls have to be shy, quiet, polite and obedient, which is why I get into so much trouble. Let's just say if I'm given an order that I dont like I wont do it, and any sexist remarks made infront of me gains you a black eye or possibly a broken limb. So why am I here? good question. Thing is I cant, phiscally, I cant. So be my guest and enter this land but know might not be able to come back.

The End

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