Flour Wars

As they walked down the hall, Bunga chatted mindlessly, about whatever was on her mind. Without realizing it, she had slipped her arm into Indali's.

"Forget about Nuk." Bunga said, "When I was first on the ship, I was put to work with him. Let's just say, we didn't get along." Bunga smiled and looked over at Indali, hoping for a laugh, or even a hint of a smile. No no such luck. 

Then they arrived at the kitchen, and Bunga sighed.

"Here is my pride and joy, the kitchen. Cook just quit today, so now it's all mine!" Bunga smiled and threw open the door. She could hear Indali gasp and knew why. The place was a mess. Pots and pans were everywhere, along with various spoons, knives, laddles, and other cooking supplies.

Just then, the countdown come on over the speaker.


Bunga shuffled Indali into the door.


Bunga slammed the door shut and grabbed Indali's arm.


Bunga led Indali over towards the stove, attached to the wall.


They reached the stove and Bunga helped Indali hold on.


The ship took off. There was a big blast, and the ship flew. It felt like they were in hyperspeed, though they weren't even half-speed. Finally, after a full five minutes, the ship leveled out and slowed down.

Bunga sat up laughing. She looked over at Indali and saw the fearful look on her face. That's when she realized that Indali needed to lighten up.

Bunga stood up, and leaned over to help Indali up.

"I think the guys will want some dessert with their lunch, don't you?" Bunga asked, "Have you ever made pie?"

Indali nodded.

"Good." Bunga replied. "Then you know the ingrediants we need. The supply closet is right there. We need enough for 30." Bunga said, nodding to the door in the back of the room. Indali nodded and entered through the door.

Trying to conceal a smile, Bunga started to clean up. They were about to make a bigger mess, anyways. It took Indali several trips to get enough supplies. Each time, the mess was smaller and smaller. By the time Indali was done, the galley was almost spotless.

Indali looked releived. Bunga laughed.

"Come on, we need to get this started."

They dragged all the supplies over to the counter and started the crust. Bunga got Indali talking, but she could tell that Indali was still tense. well, that was about to change.

"Hey, Indali." Bunga said. "Yoy might want your own bag of flour."

Indali looked confused, but nodded ans grabbed one. Bunga smiled and grabbed her own bag.

"So the next step is, you take a handful of flour and..." Bunga reared back and threw right into Indali's face. And laughed. Indali looked stunned. She blinked shook her head, trying to clear it off. Meanwhile, Bunga was laughing her head off on the floor. A pile of flour landed right beside her.

"Ha ha! You missed!." She cried, jumping off the floor and grabbing another handful. They threw flour at each other until both bags were empty, then collapsed on the ground laughing.

"That was the most fun I've had in along time." Bunga said, after 10 minutes straight of laughing. Indali nodded and agreed.

Bunga sat up. "I have an idea." She saerched the powder covered floor and found two small sacks. She threw one at Indali.

"Quickly! Fill that up with flour." She set to work filling up her own.

When they were both finished, Bunga explained her idea.

"Keep that bag with you at all times. Whenever you walk by someone, throw flour at the back and keep walking. Do it nonchalantly. We'll see how long it takes the crew to figure out who's doing it. When your bag gets low, refill it."

They bothe laughed and linked arms, striding out of the kitchen.

The End

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