The Girl in the Kitchen

"Captain, there is a girl in the kitchen."

Jericho stared at his two crewmembers. Bunga was freaking out, and Nuk was, surprisingly calm.

"A girl, in the kitchen." Jericho repeated slowly. "And its obviously not Bunga." His face was a mask of seriousness. "And we have no other females on this crew." He started towards the kitchen. The other two keeping up just barely.

Jericho threw open the door and it hit the wall with a crash. There was a flash of movement as the girl sat up. "What are you doing here!" Jericho barked at the stowaway. "Lovely, Bunga," He added in a lower tone to the cook. "Why couldnt you tell me she was here before we cast off so we could drop her off where she came from! What are you doing here!?" He finished in a shout back at the girl.

She stood, frightened, but determined and Jericho recognized her. That girl he'd followed earlier. The deck moved slightly as the ship moved into the next place in line for take off. They were next.

Jericho glared at the girl. This was throwing everything off. Every muscle in his body was tensed up. This was not something to deal with right before takeoff. Scowling, he turned towards the door.

"Take her to my cabin and keep her there. I will deal with this after the launch."

"Captain--" Nuk began.

"Later!" Jericho replied. "Go to my cabin and stay there, I need to launch this ship." Getting the Heliopause into space was my biggest concern at the moment. "Stand by for launch." Turning to the girl. "You may want to hold onto something when you feel the engines start up. A little advice to a planetsider." Jericho was still angry at the secret they'd been keeping, for however long it had been, but it had to wait.

The End

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