Take Off

Bunga strolled down the streets, looking at all the things for sale. There was so much! Yes, she got paid, but she'd spent most of it on a very yummy pie. She wasn't quite sure what was in it, but it was good.

As she passed a coffee bar, she saw three men come out, all wearing necklaces. Their faces were familier. She laughed inside. Here she was, the only female on the ship now, and the guys had necklaces.

She bounded up to them. "Hi guys!" she said.

They all jumped and looked startled.

"Well, hi-ya Bunga." Rubian replied. The Captian and Nuk both nodded to her.

"When are we leaving?" she asked them. The Captian looked down at his watch.

"I guess now's as good a time as any." he sighed. The other two nodded. She could tell none of them wanted to leave. But she had bait.

"Lunch is ready." she said soothingly. The guys' faces lit up, and they took off at record speed. Bunga smiled and took off after them.

They soon arrived at the ship and boarded. As everyone else was getting ready for take off, Bunga went straight for the kitchen. She grabbed a tray and headed for the main deck, knowing that's most likely where everyone would want to eat.

On her way, she went into the store room to grab some spices. She nearly fell over some boxes, but luckily the food was safe. Just to be sure, Bunga slowly set the tray down and reached up for the pull-chain that would turn on the lights. The sight that met her eyes surprised her. A girl was curled up behind the boxes that Bunga had tripped over. She looked to be about bunga's own age, and seemed to be asleep, the traces of tears down her cheek.

Bunga gasped.


The End

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