Three buccaneers

Dangit, lost her. Jericho thought ferociously. And all because of a stupid chicken and another one of those pushy salemen. Dangit, Dangit. I hate land. Jericho headed back to the Heliopause, trying to keep his head down and attention away from himself.

After some time forcing his way through the crowd, he spotted two of his crewmembers standing at a kiosk.

"Nuk, Rubian." He yelled above the crowd, they turned as Jericho plowed through the people toward them. "What are you guys doing?"

"I was just out to buy some, stuff." Nuk half mumbled. "Just felt like spending my money." Jericho noticed he already had two necklaces around his neck.

"I'm keeping him out of trouble." Rubian said. "He was defending your name and got into a fight."

"Ah," Jericho grinned. "Thanks Nuk, Whaddya say about goin' to a tavern and drinking to Nuk's bravery in battle an' all that." He finished, imitating an old-time pirate's accent, going back to his normal voice he finished. "I hear the Mandarans serve excellent coffee, if no ones up for beer. C'mon, coffee time." He put his arms around his two shipmate shoulders and started to walk. He needed to get his mind off the lost opportunity the girl presented. It didnt do to think like that anymore.'

When they arrived at a smokey bar, Jericho ordered three coffees to be brought out pronto.

"So you two are quite decked out." He noted, passing the other two mugs to his shipmates and taking in their new neckwear. "Nuk, give me one of yours and then we'll all match."

Nuk handed it over and Jericho slipped the string of beads over his own neck. "There we go." He said. "To the three buccaneers-"

"We arent." Nuk finished.

"Right." Jericho said, taking a sip of his coffee. "I'm trying guys, I havent thought of doing anything piratey since I got the ship back. I know it got us in a lot of trouble, and I promised I'd stop.

"Yeah, we know, Captain." Rubian interrupted politely. "But I was wondering, what were you planning on doing with that girl?"

"Oh, um." Jericho was at a loss for words. "I uh, saw her as an opportunity."

"An opportunity for what?" Rubian pressed. "If it was anything in a romantic sense, captain, no offense, but you leave much to be desired in that area."

"Oh, I give you a raise and you give me pointers is that how this works?" Jericho countered, avoiding the question.

"Sure, I'll take a raise any day of the week."

"Um, guys, people are giving us dirty looks." Nuk interrupted the banter. Jericho looked around, sure enough, the other men enhabiting the bar area were glaring openly at Jericho, specifically.

"I dont think they like me here." Jericho said, sliding off the bar, leaving the money on the countertop. "C'mon guys, lets get off this rock."

The End

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