Rubian Dalorus-Crew member and hopeless flirt

As I lay in my bed I listen to the Cook, Heta I think her name was, and I shake my head, women are so predictable. They take your words in the completely wrong way and when you tell them your not interested...they flip. I know that I'm hard to get over but she could at least be professional, though at least now I don't have to worry about my food being poisoned, with Cook's anger problem you never know. I sigh heavily and I begin to debate whether or not to go for a walk, it's comfortably cool inside here but's a nightmare. I decide that after so long travelling it might be a good idea to have a walk and a look around before I start to develop a fear of land.

As I stand I check myself over, shirt is clean, no body odour, fringe is in place, hair is clean...waistcoat is strait, ponytail is tied....perfect. I walk out onto the deck and swallow hard, this is going to be interesting, I walk out, seeing Bungda the second cook leaving, shortly followed by our captain who is following a fifteen year old maiden...I shake my head and smile, he's in way over his head.

Walking in public is not as painful as I'd once thought, with so many people, I go unnoticed, just another traveler. I smile to myself. Glorious.
"Would you like to buy an amulet sir?"
I turn to see an aged woman, holding a silver 'amulet' with a deep blue stone that I hadn't seen before "My dear lady, why would I purchase such a thing?" I'm superstitious, not a sucker.
"Because it is said to bring luck away from land, a young traveler like yourself shouldn't take any chances" This woman wont give up. Might as well shut her up now before I have to waste an hour as she gives some kind of speech.
"How much is it?"
"For a young man who needs all the luck he can get, I should say two credits"
I sigh and give the woman two credits, taking the amulet and placing it around my neck.
"Have a nice day"
"And you." Yep, while I may be a jerk I'm a polite jerk, chivalrous too...when I want to be. I tap my thigh, feeling the holder of my gun, my trusted weapon and the only thing that comforts me. Sad, to others it might be but I cant trust anything that isn't inanimate. I made that mistake too many times.

"You will not insult Captain Jericho anymore"

I turn and see Nuk, our ship's doctor, his sword is drawn and his expression is a mixture of fury and blind rage as he stalks off. Sigh, they must have insulted his best friend, the captain of the ship. Better go calm him down before he snaps, hos temper is more controllable than Heta, the old cook's but not by much, and Nuk was scary when he was angry, for a doctor, he has the incredible ability to hurt a multitude of people with his sword and or fist! Though I don't trust him I do respect him and he is only a year older than me.

"Hey! Nuk!"
Nuk turns to see me and I can see he is trying to control his anger "What is it Rubian?"
"I saw part of that back there and you shouldn't feel bad, they dont know our captain but they believe those stupid rumours" I sigh and roll my eyes, hoping I hit the right mark.
"Thats what irritates me! They believe rumours! Captain Jericho would never be a slaver and he isn't a pirate!"
So thats what they said, no wonder he's mad. "Look Nuk, all that matters is that we know he's a great captain and a decent guy, the people who know the truth are the people that know him and thats all that matters" What? I'm caring too.
"I know I'm just....!" I see him reach for his sword again and I grab his arm
"Nuk, take it easy or you'll only make the rumours worse"
He relaxes and so do I , it's hard to melow out Nuk.
"Good, now just in case you hear anyone say stuff about the captain I'll stick by you so you dont get in trouble" I shake my head in a joking way and smile
"Thanks Rubian"
I know he must be shocked, alot of people think I'm just an arrogant flirt, but thats only one layer baby.

The End

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