Nukpana Pari-sa, Doctor

Saber tucked in its sheath at its side and speargun strapped across his back, Nukpana - he preferred Nuk - strode out and into the bright sun. The cook had quit earlier. He was very happy that she was gone, actually, because even though she could be kind, she had an awful temper - even worse than his, and his had almost gotten him killed.

As Nuk walked through the crowded streets - streets he hadn't walked in years, not since he had left with the Captain and his crew - he noticed the Captain following a young girl, probably about Bunga's age, and then continued looking about, searching for something interesting to do or buy. He had a good few credits on him, after all; he'd gotten paid just the other day, and he always saved his credits so he could get something nice some day. Today, though, he felt like spending his money. He passed a juggler with metal arms, being followed by a crowd of screaming children, and was met with a woman carrying several necklaces.

"Excuse me," Nuk said, as he tried to squeeze past her, but the woman forced one of the necklaces over his head and demanded five credits.

"Five credits? That's ridiculous! Please, I will take a second one if you make the price two."






Nuk sighed. Arguing like this would get him nowhere. "Fine," he said, "three." He picked out six credits from his pocket and handed them over to the woman, who placed a second necklace on his neck.

As he walked away from the woman, Nuk noticed a couple of tourists holding drinks in hand, discussing a wide variety of things.

"...I tell you, those natives who go running off, thinking they're going to be free, and then they wind up on slave ships or pirate ships like Kayne's, serving as -"

Nuk broke in, "Captain Jericho is not a pirate," he said in a loud voice, trying to sound more intimidating, "or a slaver. He gives his crew a good amount of pay for each month of service."

"And how would you know something like that?"

"I work on Captain Kayne's ship."

"Oh, what do you know? It's one of Kayne's lackeys, right here in front of us! What do you make of this one?"

"Why, he must be underfed and underpaid, working on a ship like that, or he'd buy his freedom."

"I work on Captain Kayne's ship for a good payment and of my own free will," he said, "and I am very well-fed and cared for. I am a doctor on his vessel-"

"A doctor, eh?"

Nuk had had enough of these drunks. He took the first one, smashed his head into a chair, and the  drew his saber on the second man. The man pulled out a gun and fired. The shot just missed Nuk - it was a good thing this man was drunk, or he would have been a formidable opponent. Nuk raised his sword and brought it down - only to have it glance off of the man's chest. He was wearing armor, of course. Nuk grabbed the man by the neck and stared him in the eyes.

"You will not insult Captain Jericho anymore," he hissed, aware that he must have been quite a sight with his sword out and his hand wrapped around another man's throat. He shoved the man away and walked away from the scene.

His temper did get him into quite a bit of trouble.

The End

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