Bunga Indah, Cook's assisstent

"I quit!" Cook yelled at the top of her lungs. "I quit, I quit, I quit!"

Bunga was shocked. Why would Cook just quit?

Cook threw her apron ay Bunga "Here! You're the cook now! You're better then I'll ever be anyways!" Her voice faded as she strode down the hall.

Bunga let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. In a way, she was glad Cook was gone. Yes, she'd been like a mother to Bunga, but she had anger issues. Massive ones.

But as she looked down at the well used apron, a wave of panic overcame Bunga. She was now the only cook. She had to cook three meals a day for an entire ship. She let out a tiny scream and tied the apron to herself.


Bunga leaned away from the stove, looking around the kitchen. She was proud of herself. A lunch for about 30 was finished, and she did it by herself.

After cleaning her hands,she decided to go for a stroll. She looked out the window and saw the captain talking to a girl that looked about Bunga's own age. Bunga now knew her destination.

She went out the galley door and down the gangplank. She exited right before the captian, though he didn't notice her.

The End

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