Captain Jericho Kayne

Mandara. Jericho Kayne, captain of the RSS Heliopause took in the bustling square of Barindra, the main docking area of the Mandaran spaceport, from the deck of his ship. The Bazaar and temple were off down more crowded roads. It was amazing how many people could be crammed into one place on this large, dusty planet, where, outside of spaceports like this, only small villages and the villas of the rich located in oasis existed.

"Sabda! Sabda!" Came the voice of a young girl. Jericho leaned on the rail of his ship, examining the newspaper vendor. She carried the newspapers in her left arm, and was apparently a native, going by her brown skin and high cheekbones. 

"I'll take one of those." Jericho said, waving at her. He lowered the gangplank, not really wanting to leave his ship. He'd done so before, then come back to have found it stolen, then had had the most difficult time tracking down the ship and the thief was still out there. He scanned the newspaper for any sightings, then looked up to see the girl still standing there.

"Oh right, payment." Jericho fumbled around in his pockets. "How much is it again?"

"Five credits sir." The girl said in a clear, lilting voice.

"Right, right, here." Jericho found the cash in the pocket of his coat and shoved it into the girls hand. He was out of practice with paying for things. "Say, can you show me around, its the first time I've been to this spaceport, and I'd think a saleswoman like yourself would know all the best places." Woman, that was hardly correct, she couldnt be much older than fifteen.

"No  thank you sir, I have to do my job." The girl replied. Great, a responsible one.

"Fine, I'll let you get to it then." The girl began to descend the gangplank.

"Wait!" Jericho said before he could stop himself. "Whats your name?"

"Indali." The girl replied with a smile. Jericho smiled back.

"My names Jericho, Captain Jericho Kayne, nice to meet you." The girl simpy nodded and moved away through the crowd. Jericho couldnt help it, he quickly locked the door to the helm and followed her.

The End

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