Coming Clean

My brain had run away from me again, going ten thousand light years a minute, it had made words come out of my mouth before I could think of the consequences.

"Of course not, dont be silly." I said, laughing a little to try and lighten the mood. "You are too important in the grand scheme of things for me to let you get killed. You aren't just a slave, Kayla, no matter what Salina might think."

"But I thought..." Kayla began, but trailed off, looking worried.

I nodded seriously, guessing what she was thinking. "I've been selfish," I began.

"You think?" Kayla mumbled hotly.

"I've been selfish." I repeated, "for making you take the fall for me with Salina. I've been trying to go behind everyone's backs, trying to put the pieces together on my own. I thought it would be best if you didnt know the whole story, but--" I stopped, I wasnt making any sense. "The lessons are-- Would you like to be a princess?"

"But I'm not a princess." Kayla said simply, giving me a look.

"But what if you were?"

"But I'm not!"

"But you could be!" I'd shouted that last part. I felt physically deflated. "The lessons arent really going to be for culture." I explained quietly. "Its... Princess training. I thought that maybe, under the pretext, you could learn to be a princess. I've already spoken to the teachers. They agree, they want you to be a princess."

Kayla shot me a look. "I already agreed to the lessons." She said. "Why are you still trying to convince me?"

I grinned as her answer sunk in. "I'll talk to Salina."

"I thought this whole plan was to avoid her."

"I need a new plan. I'm the prince, and she's my fiance." I made a face at the word. "I have to face her sometime, preferably before the wedding, which is hurtling toward us at light speed." I began to walk down the hall quickly, toward Salina's room, where I'd sworn never to go, it seemed just yesterday. I was in a much better mood than I'd been in before. How quickly things could change around here. "Dont worry, I'll fix this whole mess!" I shouted over my shoulder. I thought I saw Kayla wave before I turned the corner.

The End

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