"Well, I'm glad we've been able to sort out nearly all the details," The royal planner said, closing the folder that contained all the plans for the wedding, the ceremony layout, the reception layout, the completed guest list, and the clothing measurements for my ceremonial clothes, as well as all the orders for flowers. "There is the matter of the bride though, Princess Salina refuses to wear or even allow her measurements to be taken for the dress that you specified." He held up a sketch of the dress in question. "She says its not colorful enough and too simple."

"The dress is supposed to be white," I said."In accordance to Earth's traditions. It would be good for the people to see their future queen dressed in something familiar to them. The dress style has been used by out people for hundreds of years. She will wear it if she is to marry me."

"You have to be careful your highness, you somehow managed to scare away every other princess the king has selected to marry you.  Salina is your last chance if you want to become king, and though she is not the most intelligent female of our species, she is incredibly stubborn."

"So am I." I replied. And so is one other person I know. Humans can be incredibly stubborn, once they get an idea in their heads, they will not budge for anything. I thought back to the man at the compound where Kayla and her brother had come from, and how he'd stood up for his queen. I thought about Kayla, who was so determined to fight against me and everything I stood for, and how it took so much to convince her to help me.

"This meeting is now ended." Said one of the officials, and we all stood up to leave. I headed toward the hall of mirrors, looking for Kayla, rehearsing what I planned to say to her. Kayla, I need, no, I would like, no, its time for you to start, no. "Kayla, I've decided that, to fulfill your job more thoroughly, you need to take some lessons, to learn a bit about our culture." I said that part out loud, testing it.

"Why?" Her voice came from behind me and I spun around.

"Um..." This might take a bit more convincing than I planned.

The End

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