Questions and More Planning

The morning after the Servants Ball felt, surreal. I woke up from a strange dream about Salina wearing a crown on her head that was obviously too big for her, and waving a scepter around screaming. Then, suddenly I was standing in the dark, all I could hear was soft breathing. I looked at the girl next to me, and I could see that it was Kayla, exactly like she'd been last night, she turned and looked up at me, and suddenly she was wearing a tiara on her head, and wearing a gown made from the finest materials my people could offer. I looked up and saw a red carpet leading to a raised platform, on which sat two golden thrones. 

I woke up with that very happy picture in my head, and then got dressed for breakfast with the Officials and of course, Salina. There was no avoiding them this time, though I wished I could call in sick or something. I dressed in my finest clothes and then made my way down the hall to breakfast. Behind me though, I thought I could hear the servants whispering as they went into my room to clean it.

They were still whispering as I took my seat in the dining room, at one end of the long table. Several other plates were there and the spots were quickly filled up.

"I'd like to discuss the color scheme for the event." Said the Royal Gardener. "What color roses should decorate the room?"

"I hate roses." Salina complained as the servants came in to serve breakfast.

"Alright, no roses." Said the Gardener.

"This afternoon, we must take your measurements." Said the Royal Taylor. "I cannot delay any longer." I nodded absently, glancing up at the servant serving Salina, it was Kayla. I couldnt help a small smile when she looked at me. Salina was too busy gauging the amount of food on her plate to notice.

"Not that much! Do you want me to look fat like you?!" Salina's exclamation made all the Officials stare.

"A little harsh don't you think?" I said quietly, then louder I added. "I shall have some please." Kayla moved to serve me, effectively blocking my view of Salina in the process. I rolled my eyes at her, expressing my distaste. I could tell Kayla was trying not to laugh, and to make matters worse, Salina had to go and say:

""Will you move? I want to see my princey!" Princey! Now I was was the one trying not to laugh. I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to hold in the small chuckle that was building in my throat. I barely managed to succeed as Kayla served the rest of the Officials and left the room.

"Now, behave yourself, my dear." Said the Royal Wedding Planner. "We must discuss guests. Will your father come to the wedding?"

My stomach dropped to the floor and I lost my appetite. I kept eating mechanically, forcing my voice to keep steady as I replied. "I dont know, he's still trying to deal with the conflict on our home world. He may not be able to make it."

"And there is yet another matter, which I think will have to be brought up with your father presently. There is the matter of your activities last night."

I was confused. I'd served at the hall, talked to Kayla, and served some more, then went to bed. "Pardon?"

"Is it true, that you were seen last night, exiting a broom closet in the company of a human female?"

I felt hollow. I had hidden from Salina, but now, even she sat silently, completely shocked and hurt.

"It's, possible." I said slowly, putting my fork down, concentrating on the silver. "I had gone in there to get some cleaning supplies, and I asked a servant who knew the contents of the closet to help me."

"There was no misconduct on your part, or the part of the human?"

"None sir."

"Even though you were both seen leaving, empty handed."

"He must have caught us as we put the supplies away, then."

"It took two of you to do so?"

"Yes sir." That part of the story, which I'd thought up on the spot, was a little thin.

"You know that if you do anything to cause scandal, your crown will be forfeit." The Royal Wedding Planner said. "You must be careful."

"I know, sir. I do not mean or plan to cause trouble."

"Then, let us continue to plan. I shall save a seat for your father in the front row during the ceremony, in case he decides to arrive..."

The End

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