Rumour Has It

That night I lay in bed, staring at the dress that hung on my wardrobe and thinking about everything that had happened. What hung in my mind were those delicate moments where I thought something was happening... when the prince's hand was on my shoulder in the closet, when he joked with me... but I shook those thoughts from my head. Ridiculous. It was only a few days ago that I hated his very soul, and now the thought of his eyes could make me smile? Hmmm... had I bumped my head?


The next day as I grabbed my breakfast I heard the tell- tale muttering that meant something big had happened. It was the first time I'd heard it here, in the castle, but back home it had been a constant forewarning that someone you knew had gone forever.

"Kayla, we're saved you a seat!" Tom patted the bench next to him, and then turned back to James and Anna. "So no one knows who she is?"

"No one. They just came out and walked away from him. He has no idea."

"It sounds like bloody Cinderella." James muttered, biting in to his bacon roll. Anna rolled her eyes and looked across at me.

"What do you think Kayla?"

"About what?" I asked, not really paying attention. 

"You haven't heard? The prince was seen, last night, with one of us. A human. They were seen leaving a closet together. People think he might be... well that they might be... you know..." She widened her eyes to emphasise what she meant. A slight horror struck me. Someone had seen us, and thought that the prince was in some sort of relationship with me. For a moment the idea didn't sound too unpleasant, but then I realised what this meant. But they'd been saying no one had seen her. 

"No one saw who she was?"

"No. It was dark, they had their backs to him. But he swears it was one of us. He said she was wearing a party dress, blue or something like that, he couldn't tell in the lighting. But he said she was definitely human."

"Is he sure they're together? I mean, maybe they were just in the same room..."

"He checked; it was a closet. Why else would they hide in a closet? I reckon our prince likes us more than we know." Jame added, winking. "Maybe he'll be after you two next." He laughed and Tom chuckled. I stared stonily in to my plate.

"Hey, Kayla, why so glum?"

"It's, last night you were all 'he's trapped' and now you're making fun because someone saw him with one of us? I mean, there's probably nothing going on."

"Woah chill. I mean, even if there's not anything going on, if this gets back to his dad there will be hell on earth. Seriously, his dad treats us all like we're rats. I wouldn't like to be him if this rumour gets back to their planet, even if it doesn't have any truth. Although I would like to see the princess' face." He chuckled.

God, what was going on? Nothing was happening!

"We'd better get going. I have the gardens to sort, and the princess will be wanting breakfast served to her Kayla. I was told you had to do it. All the important aliens are having breakfast together this morning, so dress smart." Tom said kindly, and stood up. I nodded and hurried off to change. So now I had to serve the princess in front of the prince? How would I manage that? I could feel the nerves mounting, and panic settling in. I smoothed down my dress and with it tried to smooth away my nerves, but they would not leave. Then, twisting my fingers, I hurried down to the main hall. I joined the others as we took trays of food up to the table. The princess was sat next to the prince, fluttering at him as usual. His eyes caught mine and a small smile appeared as I began to put food on the princess' plate. All my nerves drifted away, and a small smile tweaked my lips too.

"Not that much! Do you want me to look fat like you?!" The princess complained. I stopped, glaring at the back of her head. The prince stared at her.

"A little harsh don't you think?" He muttered. "I shall have some please." I went to serve him, and as my body blocked the princess' sight he rolled his eyes. I almost giggled, but kept my composure, knowing if I giggled then it would look strange.

"Will you move? I want to see my princey!" The princess complained and I raised my eyes heavenward. The prince's smile grew and he covered his mouth, as if to stop a chuckle escaping. Then I withdrew, and the princess continued her fawning.

The End

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