"The answer is yes by the way. Yes, I'd love to help." Kayla said, just before she vanished inside the ballroom once again. I froze for a moment. Yes, was that a yes? Yes it was! The main ballroom door shut in my face and I just stood there, grinning like an idiot. She said yes.

"Yes! She said yes! Everybody mambo!" I shouted, just about dancing to my post at the dessert table, grabbing a tray and meandering among the dancing humans with a tray of tiny dishes of gelato, it was technically italian in origin, not french, but it was delicious anyway. Whistling softly along with the music I made my way over to Kayla and her escort, Tom.

"Could I interest you in any dessert, ma'm'sel and monsieur," I said politely in French, talking to both of them. They each took a different flavor of the frozen treat and I had to move away again, serving to other people. I'd only really been half joking when I had played along with her comment about "waiting on us hand and foot" I wanted to show her everything, get her to taste new dishes, and wear new clothing, and go to the new and fantastic places this planet had to offer, and eventually, the rest of the kingdom. I wanted her to feel like a princess.

Thats it! I put the tray down and then, just as I was about to turn, froze. Maybe it would be something better said in the morning. I wouldnt want to put a damper on her evening by saying she had made a deal. It would have to be, subtle. I could make her a princess, if I had the time. She just needed to get rid of Salina.

"Mind if I take this tray, sir?" A volunteer asked me, and I realized I'd been staring at it for several minutes, deep in thought.

"Sure, go ahead." Everything was being cleaned up. I glanced at the clock, it was getting late. Was the party over so soon? I sighed. Tomorrow, I'd have to go back to facing my life, and Salina's attempts at charm, and the Royal ministers' attempts at planning, and my own attempts at being involved with the whole matter. I finished cleaning up with the servants and thought of the beginnings of a plan to turn Kayla from slave, to princess.

I was still thinking about it as I fell asleep. How to tell her, should I tell her? Maybe, I'd just arrange for her routine to include lessons of a kind, etiquette, dancing. She possessed some natural talent already in that area, since she could already match the simple dance steps Tom had taught her. She had excellent balance and reflexes.

After that, perhaps, language classes, teach her my native language, as well as the major languages of her own planet, and some public speaking and diplomacy. She would have a gift for it, I was certain. Though the more she would be doing, the more I'd need to tell her, she'd certainly ask questions, but I needed to answer them slowly. One can not simply tell a girl she's going to be turned into a princess. I'll ask her if she wants some classes added to her schedule, yeah, of course she'd want to further her education, most of the schools in the major countries were shut down when the governments collapsed.

Yeah, thats what I'll do. I turned off the light, and fell promptly to sleep.

The End

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