A Hope for Peace

After cleaning up from dinner, I left, not really sure what to think of the simple thank you that Kayla had given me, before flashing a smile at me, the likes of which I'd never seen before. It was so brilliant, so bright, it penetrated my guard and I almost spat out, right there at the buffet, the idea that had been in the back of my mind for several days now. Be my queen... But then she turned away and went back to her seat and the moment was gone.

After cleaning up from dinner, but before I had to go back for dessert, I ran to where the boy was being kept, Kevin.

"Kevin, you should come see your sister at the party." I said to him, signaling for a servant, one of my own people, to take him to her. "She looks very nice, and you'd be proud to see her so dressed up." The boy clapped his hands happily, but he didnt say anything. At least he wasnt crying anymore. He seemed to be very happy. I looked at all the toys scattered around the room and decided that was the reason. I followed the two, child and nanny, down to the ballroom and then slipped through a side entrance to take my station at the dessert table.

I kept an eye on Kayla as she noticed her brother coming toward her, saw her face shine when he came up and whispered in her ear.  When Kayla's escort approached though, and Kayla introduced her brother to him, I left, not wanting to watch and see how he may have gotten along with the boy, or how Kayla was smiling at him.

The meeting would be short, but maybe, it would be enough. Maybe, now, Kayla would know that it was best that they'd be separated for now, but the boy was safe, and many of the toys he played with had once been mine. He would be happy.

I went to the hall of mirrors, it was dark there now, none of the candelabras or lights being lit, and I didnt bother turning anything on. Moonlight streamed through the windows that overlooked the gardens, creating an almost, surreal atmosphere.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. It was Kayla, still dressed in her green dress, she had left the party to, to what? Find me? I couldnt imagine why, but I was thrilled nonetheless. She was about to turn to leave when I stepped out of the shadows.

"I wondered if you'd come." I said, before I could even really think about it. She wasnt surprised, to her credit, but instead, took a deep breath and replied.

"I had to. I had to thank you. For letting me see him. Thank you... it meant everything to me. Everything."

"Everything..." I repeated. "I wanted, to prove that he was safe, and happy."

"Thank you," She said again, quietly.

"I--" I began, then faltered again. "You can be happy here too."

"I'm already happy here." She replied.

"You dont have to leave." The words were coming quickly, before I could change my mind. "You can stay here, as long as you want."

"What do you mean?" Kayla said, almost reluctantly, it seemed. "You are going to send me and Kevin home when my job is finished."

"But..." I had agreed to that, but, still... "Do you really want to go back there, to that compound, where you had to hide and fight for everything? If you stay here, you can live in peace."

Kayla didnt answer for a long time. "But not my friends, they are still living under the oppression of your people." I turned to look out the window, there was only one thing I could honestly say.

"Not if I rule this planet. If I can become king, I can stop the oppression. But for that, I need a queen that the people will love, a queen that can take the responsibility of ruling an entire planet."

The End

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