Everything Is Just Fine

I saw Kayla enter the ball room with three other servants I only half recognized. I quickly adjusted my hold on the serving spoon, serving the guests as they approached my station. It was my job to serve a delicious smelling soup, though I wasnt sure of the ingredients, and the guests generally looked at their bowls as they filled up, not the holder of the ladle.

I was generally supposed to keep my eyes down, focusing on serving without spilling a drop, but I kept glancing up at the table, scanning for one green dress. Kayla looked beautiful. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a graceful, yet simple style, and the green dress brought out her eyes, so I could make out their color from here, and it showed off her figure, a naturally thin build that curved in all the right places. She was so much more attractive than Salina, who was all awkward angles and bright, carnival-like colors, and she knew her own mind, and was not afraid of speaking out.

"Ahem," Someone cleared their throat and I quickly filled up their bowl with soup and the line moved on until everyone was served and seated. Someone else had gotten Kayla her food. It was a young man who often worked in the gardens. Tom, his name was. He was very friendly, and a decent escort for Kayla for tonight.

I spent dinner musing about the most recent success in Kayla's efforts to be rid of Salina. The princess had come crying to me about how the new servant had ruined her clothing, and at first, I was a little concerned, but then, we were in France, the princess could simply take a portal to Paris and shop for clothes there. I told her so and I expected Salina to return with nothing less than four shopping bags of clothing later this evening, after her dinner in the Eiffel tower, of course. Kayla was very creative with her strategies, and even after just a few days, I could see an improvement in the circumstance. Money and time was well spent on Kayla.

My bandaged hand itched horribly, and I kept finding myself pulling at the gauze unconciously.

"Are you alright sir?" A volunteer muttered to me from a station nearby. "I heard you had a bit of a fit earlier."

"I'm fine." I replied shortly, not really wanting to trigger that conversation. Everything is just fine. F. I. N. E. Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. Freaking out: Check, the wedding was drawing closer, and even though Salina's opinion of me was obviously lessened even after so little time, part of me worried about what would happen if Kayla failed, or worse, was killed in punishment for sabotaging the wedding plans. Insecure: Check, there was no way to know if I could gain Kayla's respect enough to see, even if my brilliant plan worked, if she would agree to become a princess. Neurotic: I wasnt sure exactly what the word meant, but my brain was certainly going in unproductive circles every time I thought about what was happening, I think that counted. Emotional... I attempted to scratch my hand through the bandages again. I'd punched a wall, with no warning, shattering the mirror that was embedded in it, and threw the entire court into chaos. I think that qualified. Check.

This needed to be fixed. I needed Salina to leave, as soon as possible, and I needed to gain Kayla's respect. Respect for me as a person, not just a prince. Maybe, maybe then, she could help me rule this planet. I knew I shouldnt think that, but there was really no other person I'd ever met, human or not, that could handle the job.

Then it happened. Kayla was standing up from the table, and coming over to the buffet. She wanted seconds, I supposed, or maybe her escort didnt get what she wanted. She looked thoughtfully at the trays of food laid out in front of her, holding an empty plate in front of her, tapping it's edge with a finger as she made a decision. I began to silently freak out even more. What if she stopped at this station? What if she decided she wanted soup? What if she recognized that it was me? Our last conversation still echoed in my mind. She'd apologized, and then I'd told her exactly what was happening. No other noble in the court, no other servant knew that the planning for a wedding was happening behind the scenes. Why had I told Kayla everything? Now I had nothing left to give her, nothing left to get her to stay.

The End

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