Kayla had vanished off the face of the Earth. I looked all over the palace for her after the meeting, but she was nowhere to be found.

Even the hall of mirrors was empty, and when I'd run out of hiding spots to search, I began to realize for the first time that her attempts at trying to get rid of the princess might harm her in the process. I'd told her to be subtle, but the princess wasnt a complete idiot. She also had some authority after all, being the daughter of a king, and if she was angry with the girl, a guard would waste no time in dealing with the problem. Eventually, after checking and double checking the hedge maze, hall of mirrors and every other room, I realized that if I searched for much longer I would miss my duties at the servants ball. I quickly changed into a plain uniform, and went down to the kitchens, avoiding princess Salina, and telling the a maid to let her know she had dinner plans at the Eiffel Tower that evening.

I rolled up the sleeves of my uniform and took my station as a cooks assistant. Nobody seemed to notice that I was there. I kept my head down and chopped vegetables, dropping them into a massive pot of stew boiling on the stove. I watched the goings on in the kitchen, as more and more servants left the change into their finest outfits and the volunteers of the court filled their places. The head chef was the last to go, making sure all the interim head chef had to do was get the food out to the buffet tables where the party-goers could eat at their leasure. I helped get the food onto platters, then set up my station to serve at the buffet, it was an easy enough job, and no one seemed to realize it was me doing the serving. A bell rang and the doors were open to admit the guests.

The End

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