"Wedding plans?!" Kayla exclaimed, just a bit too loudly.

"Shhh!" I hissed, clapping a hand over her mouth. I looked around the corner of the hedge, no one seemed to have heard. "Thats why I'm so desperate for the princess not to like me. I've already tried everything I could myself."

"Why not just break of the engagement yourself?" She asked.

"I have a reputation to uphold. If the princess broke the engagement, it would simply be the whims of an already rather flaky girl, and generally be expected. If I did it, it could be a serious blow to my future subjects, thinking if their future king is afraid of committing to a beautiful girl, would he be able to rule properly."

"They'd make that connection?"

"Its politics. The connection has already been made." I took a deep breath. "The wedding is due to take place in a month. If you can ensure she leaves before then, I will return your brother to you, and send you both back to London. Do we have a deal?"

Did I detect the slightest split second's hesitation before Kayla nodded? No, it must have just been in my head. Of course she wouldn't want to stay here after she'd completed her duties. She'd want to get herself and her brother as far away from me as possible.

"I cant hide from them forever. I have to go." I said, stepping out of the maze. I didnt look back, not sure if I wanted to know whether she was watching me go or not.


"Ah, prince, we need to take your measurements for the ceremonial clothes." Said the Royal Tailor as I approached the small crowd of officials.

"Then we need to decide on a menu for the feasts that will follow the ceremony." Said the Royal Chef.

"And a color scheme for the decorations and ceremonial clothing." Said the Royal Planner.

The officials had all be sent from the homeworld by my father. He had strictly dictated that I was not to rule Earth until after I was married. But ruling Earth could wait until after I found just the right girl to rule it with me. I resigned myself to the officials, trying to sound enthusiastic about planning the wedding as I fervently wished Kayla would do her job well.

The End

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