Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I had some deep aching feeling in my throat that was telling me I had to say sorry. It burnt against my pride, and against my anger, but it bruned bright and strong. I had to apologise. Even if he had destroyed my happiness without so much as a blink, I should not have been so cruel. But he had deserved it! Some part of my brain shrieked; the part which had been ripped and torn and ruined as Kevin had been taken from me for the second time. The inner battle fought hard, but my morals won. I would apologise for my words, but not for why I had said them.

I looked around the castle for him, but he was not in the hall of mirrors; not that I expected him to be after the incident, and he was not in the room I had seen him leaving before. Eventually I gave up, and went outside to pick more flowers for the Princess' room. Her others had wilted, and I had a funny feeling she had been the cause of it. She didn't care about them, and she'd shoved them away. The Prince might have sent them, but that didn't stop her disliking the roses. I wandered through the garden, picking the flowers she disliked the most. Well, I couldn't help if my mind was filled with hatred for the aliens could I? They had not done much to change my mind.

There he was. He was walking out of the maze, towards me, his head down as if in deep thought. I found myself wanting to run away, to leave his thoughts uninterrupted, and to not have to talk to him. I could still slip away and he probably wouldn't notice, but something held me to the ground, and I couldn't move. He was only a few steps away when he looked up and froze, seeing me. I had to find the power of speech before he found the power to walk again.

"I-" I began, and then felt my throat dry. I swallowed and tried again. "I am sorry. For what I said. I-I didn't mean to be so harsh. Well no, I did, and you deserved it, and just because you don't understand what love feels like doesn't mean you should tear it from other people and..." I stopped, seeing him wince and realising I had once again put my foot in it. "Sorry... sorry... I didn't mean... I just... you make me so... angry. "

He stared at me for a long time, and then stooped to pick another rose from the bush I had been to a moment ago.

"I should not have taken him from you so harshly, but he will be cared for. You can have no doubt of that. And we made a deal which you agreed to honour."

"A deal. A deal?" That fire burned up again, that deep emotion. "How can you put a deal over me? I would have done whatever you asked to get my brother back. And you give him to me for the briefest of moments, then tear him away. I could have done just as good a job getting rid of the princess with him as without."

"Then it will not be impacting your work much."

"But this is not about work! It's about the one thing I love in the world being so close, but me not being able to touch him. To hold him, to comfort him... do you have any idea what that feels like? No! Because your entire life all that you have ever done is swan around leading and being pampered and being told that the person you will be with forever is an empty headed, simpering princess that you do not love. So you make a deal with me to get rid of her. And that is your life. Have I missed anything out?" I glared at him, all thoughts of apology gone as I had worked myself in to the fit of anger again.

He seemed to check himself and looked down at the rose. I could see his hand tightening around it, saw that the thorns were going to pierce his skin.

"Don't..." It escaped my lips before I knew it, and I had stepped towards him, hand reaching out for the rose. He let me take the bloom and stood, wordless, not meeting my eyes."I am sorry. I don't mean to say those things... they just come out."

"I am sure they were justly meant, from your position."

"My mother used to say angry words could never achieve anything, and those actions formed from anger could only cause pain. And from what I hear," I looked down at his other hand which was bandaged, "I have already caused pain through my words. For that I am sorry."

"You think this was because of you? What makes you think that?" He asked, although the hand clenched in front of my eyes as I spoke the words.

"I thought I might have angered you when I said what I did..."

"Shhh." He put a finger to his lips and quickly retreated, up the path he had recently come down and in to the maze. I looked around and saw aliens walking along the path, dressed in dignified wear. Did he want me to follow? I picked a few more flowers, then made my way up the path away from the aliens. Once I stepped in to the maze I felt a hand grab me and pull me to the side. "Did they see me?"

"No. I don't think so. Why?"

"Those are the royal ambassadors. They are here to initiate wedding plans."

The End

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