She ran past me, her eyes filled with angry tears. Humans, so emotional. Well, we were all emotional, that was the price of being alive. I was more than a little stunned at the outburst though, she was so unlike any female I'd ever encountered. She'd looked prepared to kill me if necessary to reclaim her brother. He'd be treated like a prince here, well fed, entertained, with the palaces massive rooms to run around in. What more could she want for the child? She couldnt possibly think she'd have time to take care of him herself did she?

The look on her face, in her eyes, the pain there. I closed my own trying to escape from that image, but it only made it clearer.

"I hate you."  She'd said. "You have no heart." My very real heart faltered at the memory, I could almost feel it stop working momentarily. It hurt.

"Prince? Oh prince?" I could hear Salina calling. Her high pitched voice piercing my ears. "You deserve to be stuck with that flouncing ball of pink you call a princess!" 

"Leave me alone." I mumbled. Of course no one heard me. Footsteps sounded in the hallway behind me.

"Oh there you are prince!Oh, how I've missed you so! You were gone for hours and no one knew where you'd gone!" Salina. Princess of Bagdhet, found me again.

I could feel the muscles tensing in my back and shoulders. I fought to keep calm.

"Come! Let us eat lunch in that beautiful tower over there, what was it again, the Eddle whats-it?"

"Eiffel Tower, le Tour Eiffel." I replied stiffly.

"Ah, yes thats it. Oh you are so smart prince." She clapped her hands repeatedly, very quickly.

"Yeah." Without further warning, I turned quickly and put my fist through the mirror closest to me. The glass shattered upon contact, I could feel it beneath my knuckles, or maybe it was my knuckles that I could feel cracking. I couldnt tell. Pulling my hand back, I wrapped it in a handkerchief to stop the bleeding as an icy calm feeling settled over me. 

"I'll go find a first aid kit. Inform someone that the mirror is broken." I said to Salina, who was standing, finally speechless, frozen in the doorway. I walked past her and back to my room, where I unwrapped and cleaned my injured hand. Ouch.

The End

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