That Momentary Light

Seeing my brother light up as he was thrust in to my arms lifted my heart like it was a hot air balloon. It swelled with joy, and I barely heard anything the Prince was saying after that. But I was filled with something other than the happiness of seeing him. I was filled with relief, with thanks and emotions I did not understand towards the Prince. Because he had brought my little brother to me at last. Kevin! My dear little brother.

And that's when it happened. The Prince swept him away as fast as he'd returned him, like the ocean crashing on to the beach. And I felt like something had crashed in me. I watched him dragged away, all my high spirits dashed on the rocks of despair as his little face crumpled in tears once more. And I felt my face struggling to keep it's normal state, felt a tremble in the corner of my eyes and the bottom lip. No! I would not cry. I turned to listen as the Prince spoke.

"I can't have you distracted while you have a job to do." He explained, his face as hard as nails. Then he turned on his heel and began to leave.

I struggled with my vocal chords, struggled to get words out as they were strangled by uninhibited emotion and the wall of tears that threatened to break through my reserve. As the Prince neared the door I won the battle.

"Wait!" I cried, and watched as he stopped, then turned slowly to face me. I couldn't move, felt transfixed to the spot with the hatred I felt for this man. For this creature. He had pulled me from him. From the one person on this earth I cared for, cared about. He had listed my heart, lifted my hopes, and then dashed them. He was as cruel as I had believed when I first met him. "How could you do that?" I started towards him, unable to control the anger. "How could you pull him away from me so suddenly?"

"He would distract you from our deal." He replied, his voice dry and his face as stony as a poker players.

"You couldn't let me have more than a few seconds with him?!" I cried, all the time getting closer to him, my pace picking up. He noticed this and shifted, as if preparing for the attack. "He's my little brother! He's five! He doesn't understand what's happening! And you torture us both by giving us such short a time!" I had reached him now and was made only more angry by the look on his face, one of trained indifference. He was a robot when it came to emotion. In my emotion I raised my hand, as if to strike his face, but his hand caught my wrist and held it firm, not allowing me to land the blow.

"Control yourself." He said quietly.I fought against his hand, but his grip was as firm as solid steel.

"I hate you." I hissed, feeling the tears spring to my eyes. "I hate you and I hate everything you stand for. You deserve to be stuck with that flouncing ball of pink you call a princess. She'll make you miserable, and that's all you deserve. You have no heart." With all of my strength I wrenched my hand from his grip, gave him one last tear filled glare and pushed past him, out of the door and down the corridor to the stairs.

I didn't stop running until I had reached the room I'd been assigned, and there I threw myself on the bed. As I cried in to the pillow, images rolled through my mind. I saw my brother, his eyes filled with happy tears as he stumbled in to my arms. I saw the Prince's stony expression, and then I saw his eyes as I had hissed with all the venom I could muster, those few words of the hate that had filled my heart as my brother had been torn away.

And all I saw was sorrow.

The End

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