Stepping through the portal once more five year old, who'd been crying the whole way, in tow. Lets just say I was not happy with the situation. I went straight to the Hall of Mirrors and thrust the child toward Kayla.

"I knew you'd be hiding in here."I said as she caught him, surprise all over her face.

"The princess doesnt seem to come here for some reason." She said, smiling at her brother.

"She feels that she would be blinded by her own beauty to see herself reflected so many times."

Kayla laughed, and hugged the boy. "I cant believe you found him!"

"It was easy enough." I replied, shrugging, feeling a bit proud of myself. "Except this child was howling to the stars the entire time."

Kayla wasnt paying attention anymore. She was fussing over the child like an overprotective hen. I snapped my fingers and several servants appeared.

"He'll be kept safe in a different part of the palace until your mission is complete." I made another signal and the servents took the child out of Kayla's grasp and pulled him away down the hall, he was crying again. "I cant have you distracted while you have a job to do." Kayla seemed close to tears. I kept my face stony. I hated playing the bad guy, but I had fulfilled my end of the bargain. She had her brother, he was here. She would be able to have him back when her job was finished, then she would stay. Turning slowly, I walked back down the hall the way I came.

The End

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