Not Exactly a Warm Welcome

She had a brother, go figure. I had to think for a moment of where I'd picked up that saying. I was a fan of the older earth films, that must have been it, but how cliche, so typical. She was a family girl, who had to grow up fast to fit the world she was now living in.

Fine. So be it. If that was the only way to get rid of the Princess of Bagdhet, I'd do it. I'd help her little brother.

"I'm going out." I said to the butler, and strode into the portal that took me back to London without another word to anyone.

Upon reaching the compound where the humans of the ruined area spent the night and much of their time, I was let in with little fuss. But just inside the gate, I realized I did not know Kayla's last name. It didn't matter, I was already here, I just had to improvise and use my diplomatic training.

"I'm looking for the brother of a girl named Kayla," I said to a man sitting at a desk inside the gatehouse.

"What do ye want 'im for?" The man asked, a thick accent coloring his words.

"I'm taking him to his sister." I said, calmly.

"Ye cant 'ave 'im." The man said. "Ye can bring 'is sister 'ere though, cant ye now? I'm pretty sure your the one who snatched 'er up."

"I, sir, am the future ruler of this world," I said tightly. "I do not 'snatch anyone up' as you so colorfully put it. I am here to take Kayla's little brother and bring him back into her custody. He's a little boy, five years old."

"I know who Kayla's bother is." The man scowled. "I know 'im, you dont. I could bring any little boy in 'ere and you wouldn' know the diff'rence."

He was probably right. I had no business coming here, no way of knowing whether I was coming home with a random five year old in tow or not.

No, I'd know, he'd be like Kayla. "I'm going to say this one more time. Bring me the boy who is Kayla's little brother."

"No." The man said, honestly, he was being downright nasty. "I only serve the Queen of England." He raised his hand in the air, pointing at something above his head. By the suns, he was a revolutionary. And an idiot.

"Fine." I grabbed the mans collar and pressed his face into the desk, squishing his nose into the fake wood of it. "I guess I'll have to find him myself then."

I scanned the desk, looking for a record book of some kind that would keep track of the residents of the compound. I found the most recent edition and scanned the pages while holding the mans head down with my other hand. Finally, there it was! Under the same parental heading, two names. Kayla and Kevin. Their parents werent exactly original, but I wasnt here to judge. Kevin was staying in a room with three other boys, room 243, east wing. I released the man and strode toward the compound main building.

The End

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