"...So because you're royal, you're better?" It was a new spin on the way of thinking, for certain.

"Hardly." I replied. "I have simply been taught, from birth, this way of life. Its not easy to keep the peace in an empire as large as my people's, I have been taught diplomacy, negotiation, culture, no one else is qualified enough to take control when my father passes on, and I have no brothers or sisters. To sell me as a slave would be, unproductive to the welfare of our nation."

The look on Kayla's face had gone from disgust to dismay, I kept my own expression passive, I could not let it slip, to show her exactly what was in my thoughts, that I found her fascinating, and I wanted nothing more than to take her back to my own planet and tell my father I wanted to marry her instead. It was a ridiculous notion, she was below me, a mere human slave.  I couldnt let this feeling take control.

"So you're just more important than everyone else?" She spat at me.

"In a way." I replied, smiling now, enjoying this little game.

She didnt respond, staring at her crepe unblinkingly, as if she wished it to disappear and take her with it. "So, why me?" She asked for a while.

"What do you mean?" I asked, I knew precisely what she meant; why had I bought her, instead of someone else. Where to begin? Her defiance, her confidence, her bravery. She was brave, and strong willed, she'd make an excellent queen-- stop that.

"Why'd you buy me?" She finished.

"Your duty is to defy Salina, make her miserable, but subtly, so that she does not enjoy her stay here and goes home to bother someone else." Yes, that was the reason, how could I forget? "You seemed capable."

Kayla frowned. "Capable." She repeated. "What if I dont want to make her miserable?" She challenged.

"You do." I replied calmly. "I can see it in your eyes." I stood. "I'm going to bed, one of the servants will show you to your room." With those words, I left, going to the room that had once been the king's. 

The End

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