"Kayla." I replied, looking at him for the first time since I'd sat down. His eyes seemed to be electric, and I struggled to keep contact.

"Well Kayla, enjoy your crepes." He gestured to the food and then preceeded to watch me with those eyes that seemed to see right through me. His head rested on his fist, and I took a crepe nervously, filled with fear that it would contain poison, and that I was about to be got rid of.

"About..." I stopped as a servant passed by, allowing him to leave so that I could mention the encounter earlier without embarrassment, "about earlier. Am I in trouble?"

"You mean for dancing?"


"Why would you be in trouble?"

I stared at him. So the prince was not mad that I'd been dancing around a palace which he thought he owned when I should have been working? And why would I even care I asked myself? I hated him and his race. 

I took a bite of the crepe while I thought of my answer.

"I guess... becaause I wasn't supposed to be doing it. Or at least... I guess I wasn't."

"You guess?"

"Well I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing..." She cursed herself inwardly; she sounded so subserviant. "What I mean is, I don't want to be here, and I'm not chuffed about trying hard, so why don't you just get rid of me already?"

He chuckled quietly and took a sip of his wine. I was left to feel awkward and nibble on my crepe. Then suddenly, I realised he was staring at me again.

"You're interesting." He said, seemingly taken aback by the words that had formed in his mouth. I was startled too, but tried to mask my face with indifference.

"Great. So the only reason I'm not dead is because you think I'm interesting? Go find another human guinea pig, because I can't be bothered with you, or our race."

"Why would you assume I'm scientifically interested?"

"What else could you be interested in?"

"Your attitude? Your opinions? Why you hate me, and my race?"

"I think that last one is pretty obvious." I scoffed.

"Fair point." He acknowledged. "But you know, we're not bad. You only think we are because our customs are different. None of our kind would think anything of being sold to someone to work for them."

"So if someone tried to sell you, you wouldn't have a problem with it?"

"I am a prince, that would never happen."

I rolled my eyes.

"How fascinating. So because you're royal, you're better?"

The End

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