Returning to the entrance, I was thrust upon a revolting example of the aliens, who seemed to be swooning over the Prince as if he was her reason for living. I rolled my eyes at her flouncing behaviour, and glared at the Prince as he presented me to her as a gift, a slave. If he noticed this look, he did not react, and I was left unsatisfied at my attempts to make him notice that I really didn't care if he was a prince or not.

"Oh how sweet of you! But you shouldn't have!" The alien cried as she stared at me with a look that suggested she would really rather he hadn't.

"Well, what else would I do?" He smiled, although from my position it looked a little forced.

"Shall we go for a walk?" She fluttered. "The girl can unpack my things."

"Unfortunately I have matters of business to take care of. Perhaps later." He bowed and began to move off. The alien threw her arms around the prince and kissed his cheek.

"I will miss you!" She said, then beckoned imperiously to me and flounced down the corridor.

As I followed, the look of sheer amused disgust at her attitude on my face seemed to catch the attention of the prince, as I saw a small lift at the corner of his mouth before he turned on his heel and marched down one of the many corridors. I turned my attention to the vulgarly feminine alien who appeared to be mincing down the opposite corridor, and allowed her presence to guide me to where I was to be working.

Although I was unhappy at my present situation, I couldn't help but be curious and intrigued at the lives of the aliens I was now surrounded by. There were few humans who had entered their sanctums and had left alive, and my curiousity perhaps stemmed from my resolution to escape and return to my brother.

I stared around at the room which I had entered, which although it was beautifully decorated, seemed to have a growth upon it which stemmed from the large pile of items that belonged to this female. Bright, ugly colours that seemed to clash and shout at the beautifully light colours of the room lay in the shape of clothes, jewellery and other such items upon a double bed. The woman fluttered over and then looked at me sternly.

"Ugh, I cannot think why he thought I would need such a despicable excuse of a servant. I would rather have one of our own... but no matter. You must begin  by putting all my things away." She gestured at the pile. "And don't you dare steal anything! These are all very expensive. I only wear the best."

I bit back a retort and began to move them.

"Watch what you're doing! I will have you desposed of if you mess them up! A princess cannot look bad just because her servant has no skills."

So she was a princess. But not related to the prince I thought, since she seemed to be very interested in him. As she sat, preening at herself in the mirror I smiled. Well, he got what he deserved for taking me from my brother if he got stuck with her for the rest of his life.

The End

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