We entered the palace, where I shed my coat and handed it to the waiting slave, who whisked it away quickly.

"Get her a proper uniform." I said to my manservant. "And put her to work in the gardens until the princess of Bagdhet arrives. Suns know they take a lot to maintain." The manservant bowed and led the girl off. She would be placed under the care of the groundskeeper. "Where is the head of security?" A large man of my race approached.

"Yes, my prince?" He said, calmly, bowing.

"Please inform me as soon as the princess arrives I do not wish to be ambushed ag--"

"Prince! Oh Prince!" A familiar, seductive voice came down the hall of mirrors toward me. A shiver ran down my spine beneath my robes, I maintained my composer with some difficulty.

"Why didnt anyone say she was arriving today." I growled to the head of security.

"She surprised us by arriving early, my prince. About an hour ago, actually."

I scowled, but quickly turned it into a cheery smile as Salina, princess of the planet-provence of Bagdet, wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Prince, I missed you so dearly when you came to Earth that I could not wait a moment longer before I came to see you again." She piped in my ear. "I have not even unpacked yet I was so anxious to see you again."

I stumbled around in my head for a few seconds, trying to come up with something to say, when my manservant came back with the new slave girl.

"Salina, may I present you with, uh-a gift. " I introduced. "A new slave girl, to attend you during your stay here."

The End

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