The bidding began and I noticed that the opponent of one bid was not bidding as ferociously as some of the others for previous bids. It took him three bids before he bowed and stopped. I looked over at the other bidder. He stood next to another man who seemed to be more interested in what was in his hand than what was going on. I studied him. Clearly the man who had just bought me was his servant, meaning this man was very important. I scowled. If they expected me to be mild and willing then they had another thing coming. As I was unshackled I threw a punch at the first alien, who shocked me and then dragged me over to my new 'owner'. The servant scowled at me, but looked at his master. The alien stood and beckoned, not looking at either of us.

I was dragged behind the servant, and I fought him every step of the way. At last I sat on the floor, and stared at him defiantly.
"Take me home."
"Take me home."
"No!" He raised his hand to strike me, but his wrist was caught by his master. The alien stared at me with deep blue eyes, electric eyes, and then he spoke.
"You realise that humans who do not obey are killed? What is the point in fighting?"

I would have replied, but the thought of my brother never seeing me, of me never seeing him, again ran through my mind, and I decided to follow, if not
willingly, at least quietly. That way, I could plan my escape. As I reached this conclusion, I saw the alien turn away, and begin to walk again. The servant
pulled at me.
"Alright, alright, I'm coming." I spat at him, and stood, following them to a ship.


The journey seemed to last only a few minutes, but when the doors opened I realised that the climate was different. We were clearly in a different country. As I stepped from the ship, once again behind my 'master' and his servant, I gasped. Ahead of me was the great building I had only seen in history books. Versailles.
The aliens had taken over this, as well as every great landmark on earth, and I knew that Versailles was one of the homes of the alien royal family...
I stared at my 'master' once again. The way he had been indifferent, the way his eyes were different, the way he had acted...he couldn't be part of the royal family?
I felt a little green. If I had just cheeked a member of the alien royal family there would be serious consequences. And yet, if he had been bothered, surely I would
be dead?
I fell in to step next to the servant.
"Who is he?" I asked.
"Silence human."
"No. Now tell me, who is he?"
" That man is the prince, the future ruler of this world and ours. So show him respect."
I was humbled, but not respectful. Respect is earned. And his family had certainly not earned my respect. They had taken our freedom. Our lives.

The End

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