The human planet was lively as always. It didnt seem to matter how many we took, they would continue to thrive and their population to grow. They were an excellent species, strong, agile, beautiful, useful for anything and everything. Their still developing society was perfect, they were not above anything. They were savages, lesser beings. Sold as slaves now to nearly every planet in this corner of the universe.

I strode through the marketplace. It was nearly time for the auction. Humans were around of course. They didnt seem to mind that their own kind was being sold on the block. They simply sold their wares and minded their own business. Such a submissive race. It was a wonder they ruled the entire planet. The shuttle containing todays selection of humans pulled up nearby and the new captives were lead out. I turned towards a kiosk selling semiprecious stones. I examined each one as the first few sales were made. My manservant would handle the purchase of the slave I required.

"A female is being presented next, my lord." My manservant said quietly. I turned, making the movement unconcerned, a large tiger's eye stone in my hand, I pretended to test its weight as I examined the girl. She had an unassuming appearance, yet she glared out at the crowd defiantly. Her posture was defensive, yet she made no move to resist the crowd. The bidding began.

"Buy her." I said simply, then turned back to the stones. As a prince, the buying and selling of slaves was beneath me, but I had need of a new servant, as a gift for my, betrothed. Perhaps the defiant girl would scare the princess away. I had no desire to be courted.

The End

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