Another World

Aliens, slavery; an alien prince and an opinionated young human. Enjoy :D

A sharp grating noise filled the air, and Kayla covered her ears, gritting her teeth to pressure out the wailing. It was the sound of the catchers; the aliens who were sent to pick up the humans they thought were suitable for being slaves to the richest of their kind. Lately, they had begun to catch any human they found wandering around after dark.

Kayla had been locked out of the compound because she had missed curfew, and now she was hiding in the darkness of a recycling bin, desperate to stay and see her brother again. She was the only family he had and the same was true for her. She held her breath as the sounds of a scuffle were heard outside her hiding place. There was a scream and Kayla winced, but still did not draw a breath. Only after it had gone silent did she let out the air inside her in a quiet whisp. The lid of the bin flew open, and blue eyes peered in at her. She stifled a scream as the eyes blinked. Then the alien opened it's mouth.
"This one."
The scream she had been holding burst from Kayla's lips as she thought of her brother being left alone in the compound.
"No, please, don't take me!" She cried as she was dragged from the bin by two of the aliens.
"Silence." The one who had found her whispered, and then she was carried away, still screaming, to their ship.

Kayla peered around her, more terrified by the silence than the dark. She felt as though a million eyes were staring at her, and yet,  there was no sound that suggested she had any company. Then, she heard a shuffling to her left, and felt a pain in her wrists. As she felt for the pain, she realised she was handcuffed, and that the reason she felt pain was that there were others around her, handcuffed to the same chain. Her eyes grew used to the dark, and she saw the panicked faces of the people around her. They were all young, and she recognised one from from the compound in which she had lived. His name was Sam. As she stared he caught her gaze, and his eyes were not filled with the cocky arrogance she remembered. They were terrified. She was about to speak, to console him, when there was a loud blast to her left; the sound of a horn, and light filled the room. Ten aliens marched in, carrying sticks which Kayla knew sent electric volts along their length if used for violence. The aliens began shuffling them out in to the light, and Kayla followed her bedraggled companions out in to the light of an open air arena. As she was shoved on stage, Kayla blinked around her. Hundreds of the aliens were stood around her, all shouting in a market type fashion, and she realised they were bidding for the first of her companions; a small woman who was sobbing and staring at the ground. Kayla's eyes alighted on a young boy who was about her brothers age, standing next to her in the line. He was crying too, and  she would have hugged him had it not been for her shackles. As the line slowly moved forward, each human being sold off, Kayla stared round with angry eyes at her captors. The aliens looked, for all intents and purposes, like humans, but for their slightly larger eyes that shone brighter than
human iris', and the fact that all of them seemed to be of a similar build. They were all muscled, athletic, and had far superior senses, intelligence and agility than humans, much as it pained Kayla to admit it. Their technology was on the level of what humans had created for science fiction movies, and beyond.
Kayla was shocked out of her train of thought when she realised that only the small boy was left between her and being sold as a slave. The boy let out a wail and began to cry, screaming as two of the aliens tried to unshackle him to give him to his new owner. One of the aliens brandished his electric staff and would have shocked the child if Kayla hadn't have caught the side, earning herself the shock. Nevertheless she stood firm as the alien stared at her, and the other aliens went quiet. Her voice rang across the silence.

"Don't you dare touch him with that thing!" She demanded, wincing as she felt the pain of the shock on her hand.
The little boy was clinging to her tightly now. Then the aliens began to laugh and dragged the boy from her, unshackling him and passing him to a lithe female alien. She took the child's hand and led him away, and Kayla took comfort as she watched the woman pat him lightly on the head. So they weren't all bad then. But now it was her turn. She stood, finding a strength in her she never knew she had, and glowered at the aliens, daring someone to bid for her.

The End

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