Raina FieldsMature

I remembered the cold. I remembered the dark as they shut me away. I remembered the poison spreading through my body, and the things it did to me. Why did I suddenly have massive incisors? It scared me how much I craved the taste of something new.

That was a year ago, and here I’d been for all that time: Devon College. I’d just watched as I’d been given my own locked rooms and taught how to cope with my new life. I’d just watched as the life went on below without me…

But now it was coming up to a new academic year at the Anivamp boarding school and I understood more about what life meant as a vampire.

My tutor, Miss Rattford, and teacher of Transformation here at the school (so she said) knocked on my door one morning during late August and, without saying a word, handed me a white envelope with my name written grandly on it in black ink.

The word ‘Raina’ was almost splashed upon the page, the ‘R’ curling round the other letters as though they were its prey. Carefully, I caressed the word, and turned the envelope over. There were no addresses on either side.

“What’s this?” I asked, whilst I touched the tips of my teeth, the habit I had done each morning just to make sure that it was all still real.

“Just open it and see,” Rattford smiled, showing her neat, pointed teeth.

I tore open the envelope and out fluttered a white letter. Scanning through its contents, I saw that it was a congratulatory letter about my progress and an invitation into the proper school for lessons, starting September, both from the headmaster, whom I had never seen.

A grin split my mouth ear to ear.

“Really?” I half-whispered.

“They’ll want you to clear these rooms if you accept, and you’ll be moved into a dorm with other girls in your year.”

I jumped quickly up from my bed and suddenly embraced the late-twenty-something blonde woman.

“Oh thank you, Miss Rattford. Yes, I’d love to take lessons here. The building always seems so lively…especially at night.”

The End

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