Tara LockwoodMature

Standing on the edge of the precipice I had never felt so alive.

The wind whistled past me, whipped through my hair, sending dark tendrils flying into my eyes. The valley below me looked tiny, insignificant. A collection of houses scattered the ground, seeming to all tumble together forming one giant pattern. Hills and small mountains bordered the valley giving it a secluded atmosphere. 

My mother had often told me not to come up here but she didn't know what it felt like to be this invigorated. This is where I could come when I needed some alone time, when I needed to escape reality. 

A yearning tore through me, powerful and I tried to suppress it but my body was refusing to. It wanted me to change and it knew I would soon succumb to it. Not wanting to fight back any longer, I let it take a hold of me and began the transition.

It was so easy to do now, so easy to control, like a switch. 

I felt myself getting smaller , silky black feathers replaced the hair on my head, the skin on my arms. This was the right moment, I knew it. It was a primal instinct for me.

I bent my legs, crouched and sprang off the edge. 

Then I was airborne. 

Nosediving to the ground, the transformation was complete. I directed my body in an arc, felt the wind beneath my wings, guiding me upwards and I was sailing through the air. A laugh came out as a caw. My capable eyes scanned the scene below me, I must have been a good one hundred feet in the air. 

It's a good thing I'm not scared of heights, I mused.

As soon as I thought this though I realized my mistake.

Oh shit.

Oh shit indeed young lady, came my mother's mental response. Just what do you think you're doing?!

Well mother I'm having a nice cup of tea at the minute, it's quite relaxing.

Get home NOW young lady! And try to keep your thoughts to yourself, you don't want the others to hear you. Besides, your father and I have some exciting news for you.

Exciting news?

I swerved down the ground, narrowly missing a tree and as I touched down I spoke again.

What exciting news?

Just get home. 

Seconds later I was me again. 

One of the extreme disadvantages of being a vampire was the telepathic link I shared with others of my kind. It was stronger the more familiar you were with the other person, but that didn't stop stray vampires from wandering into my thoughts. It certainly didn't stop my mother from listening in...

* * * *

'What's this exciting news then?' I huffed the moment I stepped through the door. I was annoyed at mum for interrupting me and for calling me home so soon.

Wordlessly, my mum handed me a white envelope. She was stood next to my dad and they both had grins that baffled me. 

'What's going on?' I narrowed my eyes.

'Open it,' mum urged.

I tore the envelope open and took out the piece of paper inside. As I read it, I felt my heart plummet. My stomach twisted into an uncomfortable knot and a feeling of dread began to take over.

Dear Miss Lockwood

We have gladly accepted you into Devon College. Attatched is the school list of things you are required to bring, a map, term dates and a list of school rules. School lessons start at 9:15am but you must be in school for 9:00am. The school day ends at 3:30pm.


Mr Almack [Headmaster]

'What's the matter? Aren't you excited?' Mum frowned.

'Ecstatic,' I mouthed, dropping the letter to the floor.

The End

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