Evangeline Kyu.Mature

'Mom! I can finally transform half tiger!' shouted Eva from the other side of the mansion from her mother.

Evangeline was a half English half Japanese girl, with extraordinary parents. Basically, her mother and father were both born with a tiger heritage and it was only natrual she inherited it. Because her entire family has a pure vampire/tiger history, they have a closer bond with the animal and only they can half transform. For Eva, the only problem is, that when she gets angry, her eyes turn a blazing amber. Because she is part of a hidden race, only those who are the same as her can know her real existance.

'Evangeline, honey, we have something to tell you.' her mother said, smiling at her husband, holding a letter in her hand.

'Yeah, what is it? Do you want to see me half turn? It's so cool!'

'Yeah we know how excited you must be, and we have some really good news for you.' her father explained.

'What is it? New shoes? Shopping spree? Ooh what is it, I can't wait!'

'Well, we're sending you to Devon College.'

'That Devon College?'

'Yeah, where me and your father met. School starts in two weeks.'

'... OH MY DAIZE! I'm really going there? This is simply amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!!' Eva screamed, jumping up and down, hugging her parents.

'You better start packing, it's a boarding school. I'll take you to town to get some new clothes.'

Her mother grinned, looking pleased her daughter was so happy, because she knew her current high school was tough on her, especially when she isn't allowed a human boyfriend but now allowed a Vamp one.

Two weeks passed as fast as it feeling like a few days. Eva had arrived at the AV school.

The End

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