When 6 people get turned into half-vampire half-animal, they have to learn to work together, especially when there are hunters tracking them down and holding them hostage.

Ray Hartly:

"Daddy! Mummy! What's happening?!"

"Ray! It's okay darling, you're going to be fine!" My mother said. The house was a blaze of orange and yellow, the smoke almost choking me. My father's short black hair smelt of smoke as he ran over and hugged me tightly. He pulled away and looked into my eyes, tears running down our faces.

"Ray, promise me this. Promise me that you will never be involed in anything bad. No gangs, no tattoos, no crime." He turned away, searching for mother, "And definaitly no vampires." Then a big black shape dragged him away. We were both screaming, trying to hold on to each other. We managed one last kiss on the cheek before the black shape pulled him into another room, where I heard my fathers last screech.

I looked around, desperatly searching for my mother. I ran into their -- her -- room and ran around to the other side of her bed, where I saw the devastating sight of my dead mother. Her eyes were glazed over like glass, open in shock, and, as I looked over her body, I saw two puncture holes in my darling mother's neck. I fell to my knees and started wailing over my dead mother, the woman who'd taken care of me all the eight years I've been in this world.

I screamed as a shadow loomed over my badly burnt body and grabbed me by my waist, another of them pulling my hair. One of them advanced on me, as I felt a searing pain all over my body, making me have a short spazm. The last thing I heard before darkness took over my body was: "Ah, the younger the sweeter!" An unusually deep voice said. I blacked out.

I jumped as I came back to reality. My black hair dangled in my amber eyes, so I flicked it out, just as I noticed a letter on my desk. It read:

Dear Mr. Hartly,

We have gladly accepted you into Devon College. Attatched is the school list of things you are required to bring, a map, term dates and a list of school rules. School lessons start at 9:15am but you must be in school for 9:00am. The school day ends at 3:30pm.


Mr. Almack. [Headmaster]

Well. An anivamp in a school. That was a knew one.


The End

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