Sammy: Great Times

I fell in love with Jessica and Moss as soon as they invited me into their house. I was excited. Now I could actually be myself with someone!

We had a great time at dinner. I just couldn't stop laughing and neither could they! Seriously I hadn't laughed this much in years. I could tell they liked me too.

My great times were just starting. Just as Hailey had told me. I stopped laughing as soon as I thought of her.

"Is something wrong?" Moss asked

"I just need a minute." I answered and I walked outside and flew into the sky. It felt good to fly. I wasn't as good at flying as I used to be but everyone started finding out about them that I had to keep moving and not bring them out. 

While I was flying I was thinking about Hailey. Hailey was my little sister and best friend. I hadn't seen her for ten years! I hoped she was alright. I also hoped that she'd forgiven me for leaving so suddenly.

"Please still be alright." I whispered into the night.

The End

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