Welcome to Our Treehouse. (Moss)

Stretching my wings, I looked over at Sammy.

"You got anywhere to stay?" I looked closely at her eyes.

"Uhhh.....no?" She kind of backed away from me, obviously nervous.

"You're a dragon, aren't you." I backed away and stood next to Jessica.

"You can tell?" She was nervous.

"You can stay with us, because you're a +anima. Just like us." Jessica smiled at her.

"It's the only reason I showed you my wings. I could tell you were a safe person." Opening my wings wide, I flew up to the tree's branch. "Come on, open your wings, I know you have some." Jessica scampered up the tree, her squirrel tail showing.

"Um, ok." She opened her wings. They were silver and gorgeous. She flew up, a little clumsy from not using them much, and landed on the branch next to us. "Are you sure I can stay with you?"

"Positive!" Jessica and I spoke in unison.

After arriving at our treehouse, Jessica and I got to work preparing a room for our newest resident, Sammy!!

"She can have my room. I just barely made a new mattress and she should have it." I specialize in making our cushions.

"I'll get my spare mat. You're just going to make a nest right?" I nodded. That's how I sleep sometimes, in a nest. I walked out to the living room to get Sammy.

"Hey we got a room for you!" Sammy looked up from a book that was on the table.

"Oh, ok. You don't mind if I keep reading this do you?" She held up one of Jessica's favorites.

"Yeah you can read that. Let me show you your room." I gestured her to follow me and she did. "Here it is." I opened the door to her/my room.

"Wow." She looked around at everything.

"Like it? Check your bed and make sure you have enough blankets. If you don't let me know and if there's too many then I'll take a few off." I closed the door and went into Jessie's room to make my nest.

The End

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