All for one


Lacey entered the room and gave us a weak smile anouncing our lost friend had returned with a soul mate, we proceeded down stairs, Zeera took one look at the new guy, screamed then blacked out, Ev grabbed her quick and took her upstairs. Then we all scowled at the new dude.

"You got some 'splaining to do"

He told us everything, Ev stormed back up stairs and I could hear him say to Grace "we need to go, now"

"Hold on a second Mr....uh....whats your human name?"


"Right, but what in the world makes you think that we are going to risk our lives to help you with your damn job?"

"Well if you want this world to collapse then you dont have to, no biggy, the world will end but at least you wont have to do 'my damn job' " he smirks.

I do not like this guy. "I'll help" Rishon sighs "But stay away from my sister" dude, that kid actually looks scary.

"I'll fight too" Lacey scowles "But you try to pull anything...." Lacey emits what can only be described as the feeling of panic, making the Aiden guy yelp.

"If Lacey's in then so am I, but I want you to keep away from the group period. Ev, Zeera, Lacey, Gracey, Rishon and I are off limits, don't touch us either cos you give me bad vibes"

"Agreed" he sighs "So the Scientist, the Goth, Bandboy you three stand behind me but in order to succeed we must have the others"

I heard a growl from upstairs and Ev was in front of him in an instant "Your crazy, you hurt Zeera" he scowls "You go near her or Grace and I wont hesitate to snap your spine in two"


"We're in" Zeera's weak voice comes from the stair case, she's standing next to grace.

"All for one" Grace jokes

"One for all" Lacey mutters


The End

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