I didn't even see Everett move as he ran to Zeera. I don't know what happened but one look at a stranger stood in Ethan and Lacey's yard and she was on the floor unconscious . 

He took her upstairs, while the rest of us headed to the living room. The stranger - who introduced himself as Zephyr - began to tell us his story, and believe me it wasn't a good one!

Most people don't even believe in hell, and yet here we were being told that we were supposed to help guard the gates to Hades underworld. It was madness! I was confident in my powers, but I was no fighter. 

"We've-we've got no experience. How do you expect us to fight demons and such?" I asked him. 

"I'm here to train you, to help develop your powers. Trinity will help me too. Since we are the most experienced of you all."

I took a glance at Trinity. She was only a small thing, so how she was going to help I'd never know. She looked tired and worn out. She was a lovely girl, but that's all she was. A girl.

But I knew looks could be deceiving. Why couldn't there be a tough, experienced fighter in there. If what Zephyr was saying was true, then she had already played a part in this gatekeeping trouble. Anyone would look tired after that.

Never judge a book by it's cover. People mistook me for a slut and a bully all the time, because of how I dressed. In actual fact, I was neither, so I was willing to give Trinity the benefit of the doubt. 

Plus, she had been lovely at dinner today. Not many people have the confidence to approach our table like so. 

I shuddered at the thought of what lay before us. No batting of the eyelids, or flip of hair was going to help me with this!

The End

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