Time To Talk


I lifted her up into my arms just as she lost conciousness. Everett, the jock, walked over to me and said, "I'll take her from here." Without a word, I handed her to him and walked back into the house quickly. It was time for me to explain why I was here and what the angels were going to have to help me to do.

I was leaning against the walls of the living room, waiting for them to come in and sit down in the couches in front of me. Once they were all settled, and Zeera fully awake, I started my "story" with sigh.


I told them...everything. Who I was, what my job was and why I was here. At first it was hard for all of them to grasp the fact that they were going to have to help seal the gates of hell and kill all the demons that will start emerging from it.

"We've-we've got no experience. How do you expect us to fight demons and such?" Grace stuttered.

"I'm here to train you, to help develop your powers. Trinity will help me too. Since we are the most experienced of you all."

As the rest of the others bombarded me with questions, like where Trinity had disappeared and why this was happening; I noticed that Trinity was staying quiet. She got up after a few minutes and walked out the house.

"Excuse me for a moment," I muttered before following her. I noticed Zeera and Grace exchange a glance as I headed to the front porch where I found Trinity sitting down.

I sat down beside her and nudged her with my shoulder.

"Hey, is there anything wrong.."

She glanced at me from the corner of her eyes and nodded.

"I don`t think I can trust my own powers to help you do this whole rescue thing. I mean, I just-am not safe for others. I can harm them."

"Look, Trinity...I called you to my aid for a reason. I didn`t call any of the other angels because I knew they were not as experienced as you`d be. So trust me...you`ll do fine."

I`m usually not one to talk and advice but the best I could do was say something to cheer her up. And I guess I did. She smiled at me and then to my complete surprise, leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks, hero."

She winked at me and headed back into the house, leaving me to wonder what the hell had just happened between me and her. 




The End

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