Wow this house was big. Wow the paintings were awesome...wow. I walked along the corridors, following Ethan's quick footsteps. He seemed tired, and slightly dazed out. He needed a break.

"I can explore this place...on my own." I ventured. Ethan gave a slight chuckle.

"Ha! You'll get completely lost, promise!" He flashed a wide, smile, before sighing as he showed me to the drawing room.

"I won’t....I can smell Lacey and you from a mile away." I smiled.

"Literally!" Added Rishon. "Go on, lie down, you look exhausted....thank, by the way." I was happy to see Rishon was in an upbeat mood, but there was a strange sense of foreboding in his eyes. A shiver ran down my spine. The air seemed to go cold. Rishon sat down, and looked out the window from the drawing room. There was defiantly something wrong.

I have no idea what possessed me, I ran to the window, and jumped right out of it. I felt my limbs running, just running to nowhere. Rishon screamed my name into the dark night. I heard Lacey's steps, I smelt Trinity and someone dark. My senses began working on impulse. Sights, sound, smells, everything blending into my instinct.

"The gate....stay away from the gate." I heard a voice, almost like a whisper ring through my ears. All at once the world seemed so loud "The gate...THE GATE ....THE GATE! People yelling screaming, biting scratching, war, pain, sorrow, hurt....and then nothing. Just the waning moon looming above like a sightless eye, and the chirping crickets. The world went numb.

As sensation began to return, the first smells I could perceive were of Rishon...then Lacey...slowly one by one things began to return to normal. My ears could hear the millions of voices and sweet sounds of the night garden, my eyes could see clearly the tiny petals of the flowers, willing themselves to bloom, my body moved in the grass. I ran my hand upon the jagged end of the grassy blades.

 I could hear the desperate yells of four people fill the yard. He dark one was near.

My head jotted up. I found myself staring into the piercing blue eyes or a red-haired man. It didn't take a genius with super-smell to guess he was not human, but then again....he was not an angel either.


The End

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