Bad vibe


This cannot be happening, this cannot be happening. I made myself control my steps as I made my way to the door.

My hair was a natural black now as I prepared to use my powers. I die it black because my hair is naturally a dark chesnut colour, but when I use my powers, it becomes a deep, shiny and healthy black, true to my angel name, goth. My hair is long,with slight curls like you would get from using those curling iron things, I can never straiten them.

 My turqouise eyes blazed as I opened the door to see Trinity and the red head who I sensed some incredibly powerful energy from. "Who are you?"


I narrowed my eyes "human name"


"And you two are like myself and Ethan I gather" their bond was almost tangible "I suppose you should come in" my eyes turned concerned as I took in Trinity's appearance, she look shattered. "Trinity, I'll make you somethng that'll help boost your energy, you look like you need it"

I have spoken more today to almost-strangers than to anyone who I used to consider my friends.  I can only imagine how shocked people are of my vocality today. I held the door open for them both and closed it quietly behind me "I'll get you that drink Trinity then we can sit down and talk, I'll get Ethan, Zeera and Rishon in a moment" I showed the way to the little den by a small kitchenette and quickly fixed my secret recipe, adding rasberries and strawberries to help it taste sweeter, I blended it together, poured it into two glassess and took it into Trinity and Aiden.

I was slighty wary of Aiden but if Trinity's with him, without being held hostage.....I guesse he's okay. I handed them both a glass, Aiden looked up at me, confused.

I sighed heavily "Just drink it Aiden, it's good for you, plenty of fruit and vitamins. Trinity if he doesn't drink it, well, be creative" the day began to ware on me and I felt very tired. "I'll go get the others" with a final scowl at Aiden, I left the room and knocked on Rishon's door, by the look on Ethan and his faces, I had interupted a conversation "Theres a visitor in the den, Trinity and her newly found......Angel soul mate or something"

I smiled weakly at them and went to get Zeera, why couldn't this day end?

The End

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