As soon as we got home I showed Rishon to his room, the one a door away from mine and across from his sister's and Lacey's. Lacey said she would show Zeera her room and I trusted her to smile at least once things were different afterall. We all went up the stairs and I heard the awe in the silence as we passed several of Lacey's take on the classics of several master paintings.

Rishon was the first to break the silence "Who painted that?" he ponted at a portrait of a young girl sitting alone, looking wistfuly at the sunset with her long chesnut hair flowing out behind her. "Lacey did, she painted all of the paintings around the house"

"Who's the girl?"

I think Rishon knew but he wanted it confirmed, so he didn't put his foot in his mouth.  "It's Lacey" I said low enough so only he could hear and then said for the benefit of Zeera "Lacey paints alot of things, her views, opinions, wishes, though she shares my musical ability, she has a talent- a human talent- for painting."

"There incredible"

"If you see anything you like, or if you want a painting of anything, just ask. I can customise it for you" Lacey offered, she was trying to be friendly and hide her embarressment "I have done a wolf one if your interested, it's down the next hall, but our rooms are the other way"

Lacey never usualy talks so much in one minute-seriously- she must be trying her best.

"Thanks Lacey"

Lacey nodded and as we approached a window that faced the front, Lacey sighed heavily "Ethan show Rishon and Zeera to their rooms, I need to see to something. Stay inside all of you, promise?"



I sighed "Promise"

Lacey looked at me significantly then left down the stairs, the aura around her bright red, she was furious or excited, I couldn't tell which but for once, I did as I said and showed them to the next corridoor full of rooms.

The End

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