Meeting The Angels

(A/N: Sorry for it being short. I just wanted to give a small intro to the fact that the others are gonna have to write chapters based on their reaction when they see Trinity alive and a mysterious looking dude in front of their house. :D)


"I'll drive," I muttered as threw her car keys over at me with a grumble. Getting into the car, I stared at the steering wheel and the rest of the "controls" for sometime. It's been a while since I'd driven any of these things.

"So where are we headed?"

"We're going to meet four angels."

"Which ones?"

"Bandboy, Goth, Scientist and Wolf. Apparently, it seems like they're staying together because of some huge blow up that happened within the family of the Scientist and Wolf."

"I know that's their "Angel Names" but honestly, can't you call them with their real ones?"

"Alright Trinity," I muttered, pulling up in front of a huge mansion. It was time to meet the angels and tell them the truth about who they really are and why they have their powers.

The End

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