A Visitor


It felt nice running on my own. I had my own route through the forest, so I switched off and let my legs lead the way. Here was one of the only places I could run at my own speed. Being unnaturally faster than most people, I didn't like to show it. 

Speed wasn't the only thing I was different at. I also had inhuman strength. I was like everything a Jock needed - times ten. 

I drifted of, and just zoned out. Running in the darkening forest really relaxed me. And after the day we had had, I certainly needed to do just that. 

As a reached a clearing, I slowed down a little. I had reached the place I normally had a rest in. But as soon as I stopped, I realised something was wrong.

I wasn't alone.

There was a dark figure stood a few paces in front of me. It twitched as I stepped forward, and turned to look straight at me. I cold shiver trickled down my back as it began to screech my name.


It wore a dark cloak that covered him from head to toe. Stood in the middle of the clearing, it watched me. It's voice made my hair stand on end and I instantly knew that what ever it was, it wasn't human.

"I knew you would come...." it screeched again. I gulped.

"Who..Who are you?" I managed to mutter out.

"That doesn't matter. The gate is opening. I came to give you this warning...." 

Anger flooded through me, in the confusion. I'd had enough strange things happen to me today and I wasn't going to take any more.

"Gate? What gate? Listen, I don't care who or what you are but I'm not playing any games." I snapped. It cocked its head, as if considering what to do. 

"You certainly live up to your nature..." it said. "We haven't got time for introductions. Just stay away from the gate!"

"Listen here-"

It screeched again, then turned around and fled. I debated whether to run after him or not, but decided against it. Instead, I turned and ran back to Grace. She listened to my account without speaking which was new for her. I guess this day had shocked us all. 

"I think we should go back to the others." She said after I had finished. Her eyes were drooping and I could tell she was tired. I'd had to wake her up when I'd got back. 

"I agree." I said to her. "Whatever's happening clearly hasn't stopped yet. And whatever it is, I reckon involves us all." 

I stood up and grabbed my keys. 

"Come on, you can sleep in the car." 

The drive didn't take long, and any doubt I had of returning was quickly wiped away as I saw Zeera jump from the window. 

I swerved to a stop and climbed out, muttering under my breath.

"I swear, if this is another cat..."


The End

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