Going home, and reflecting


My cheek still tingled, where Ethan had kissed me. Had kissed me. Ethan. And I hadn't even sent my charms out. 

Everett was humming to himself, on the journey home. We were both in our own worlds, so we spent it all in silence.

Today had been a strange day. First that girl, Trinity had started talking with us. Then that spasm we had all had, had happened. Not to mention finding two others like us. I was kind of on guard, waiting for something else to happen. 

The car suddenly stopped, and I looked up at our house. We hadn't lived with our parents in years, since they had died, and this place fitted nicely with both of our personalities. 

It was in a secluded place, just on the outskirts of town. There was a huge forest behind us, that Ev took regular runs in. Large windows took over most of the house, so it was always bright inside. Mirrors were in every room, which made the whole place look bigger. We had our own gym for Ev, and a sauna room for me. The kitchen was huge, and we even had our own cinema room.

We had been left a lot of money you see, when our parents had died. Though that didn't replace the hole's in our hearts. 

I got out the car, and walked slowly to house. Vaguely I heard Everett drive he car into the garage. I let myself in, and met him in the kitchen. 

"You making food?" He asked me, and I pulled a face.

"I'm sick of cooking all the time." I moaned.

"Well, if you want to eat burnt, rubbish, let me." He said, and I sighed. 

"What do you think about today then?" I asked, pulling a pizza out the fridge. 

"I don't know. It's been a weird one ain't it." he said, sitting at the table. He placed his feet on the opposite chair and relaxed. 

"You can say that again." I muttered. I brought the pizza over when it was done, and we ate in silence.

"I'm going for an early night." I said to him, when I was done. He nodded.

"Night. I might go for a run." he replied.

"Be careful." 

He just grinned at me, and left out the back door.

I climbed the stairs, one by one, and collapsed on my bed. The last thing I did before I fell asleep was stroke the cheek that Ethan has kissed. Oh boy, why did I have to feel like this?


The End

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