Return To Earth



I’d first been doubtful if she’d show up at all. I was using every ounce of my strength to try and seal the gate; surely it would be impossible for me to summon an angel. But she’d come. I’d barely had time to think and I just went along with my intuition, or what was left of it, binding her to the gate and then transferred my power to her. She’d obeyed me, and released an extraordinary amount of power and sealed the gate…temporarily.

I returned her from where I’d summoned her, and then left her on a sofa seat inside her apartment. I didn’t want to wake her up; after all she’d done but I was getting quite irritated when she took off into a deep slumber.

Finally, I had heard her get up, the cracking sound of her joints. Being a demon, I could easily track people and I had good senses. I knew where she was searching for me through the apartment and I didn’t stop her; she’d find me soon enough.

I heard her footsteps as she walked into the bedroom and I lifted my eyes to hers.

“Time you woke up, angel,” I muttered. “I was starting to think you’d died.”

“I was close enough to it,” she snapped at me.

I nearly grinned seeing the expression on her face; she was ticked off.

“What’s going on, huh? I suddenly disappear and appear in some kind of hell and there you are, holding this gate shut and sweating your guts out and then you tell me I need to seal the gate and I nearly killed myself in the process.”

“Wow, you said that all in one breath,” I said with fake fascination, mocking her.

She narrowed her eyes at me and said, “You better tell me what the hell is going on.”

I stood up straight and said, “We need to find the other angels first. Today.”

She turned her back to me, starting to head to the exit of her apartment. “Tedious…” She muttered.

Oh, she had no idea how it had been and how worse it was going to get.

The End

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