Back Home



When I woke up, I was back in my apartment. Had everything that had just happened been a dream? But that was proven wrong when I realized I wasn’t on my bed; I had been lying down in the sofa and because of that, my body felt stiff. I stood up and stretched, popping my joints and groaned internally. This is just great, I thought to myself. First I go into some kind of hell and use nearly all my energy to seal the gate and that dude, who must have brought me here, left me sittin’ on a sofa and now I feel worse then ever. Perfect.

Where is that dude anyway? I looked around the living room and then searched the kitchen, and then my bedroom. He was standing up, leaning against the wall in an almost rigid manner. The moment I came into the room, he looked up; his red eyes glowing.

“Time you woke up, angel.”

The End

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