Zeera and Ev walked back to the car smiling, Ev's arm rested on Zeera's shoulder and I smiled then shivered guesse they hadn't felt it earlier.

"Hey guys, I caught the cat catcher"

Zeera rolled her eyes and smiled "What can I say? I hate cats"

"We know the story" I said "And we all understand, heck I got slightly nuts when an instrument sounds like it's being tortured" I smiled

"Did you guys feel a rush of horrible power a minute ago?"

Good old Lacey, strait to the point. I rolled my eyes.

"I was concentrating on  Zeera" Ev explained, quickly adding "Y'know catching up with her I mean"

"And I was concentrating on the cats"

"Hmmm, I guesse when we're following our powers, the feelings come second" Grace said and I smiled at her.

"Very perceptive"

"Thats me"

"Ev, can you drive us to our hous? I think Z and Rishon will want to rest up, it's been a long day"

"Sure Ethan, Z, you sense any more vile creatures?"

"Nope,  none"

"Tell me if you do, I'll turn the car around"

With that, Zeera and Ethan got in the car and we were all moving toward our house.


When our house came into view I heard Zeera and Rishon express their surprise. "It's big!"


"Definately victorian" Rishon agreed

"How did you aford it?"

"It was abandoned and all paid for so with a little handy work, we turned it into a home"

"Enphasis on alot, the place was practicaly crumbling. Ethan had to replace the bonds beneath the house"

"Thank god for easy labour" I laughed "Also known as Everette, the one man contruction team"

"Thank you, thank you"

"Guys" Grace sighed "Can't live with them, can't talk to them"

Zeera laughed, Lacey nodded in agreement.

"Oh yeah! Power to the guys"

We all burst out laughing and Ev pulled up to our secluded little house, surrounded by nothing but grass, flowers and trees for a good mile or two.

"See you guys later?"

"We'll call you if anything happens and vice versa dude"

"Cool" Ev smiled

"See you later Grace" and very quickly and subtly, I kissed her cheek. I thanked God that Ev didn't see and I steped out of the car, eading the way through our house.

"Now, if you'll follow me upstairs, I can show you your rooms"

The End

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