Catching wolves


I ran as fast as I could. Luckily no one else was on the street, so they didn't see my inhuman speed. Each stomp I made, left a little dint into the ground as if it was grass and not tarmac. 

I saw Zeera in the distance, and laughed as I saw her circle the cat. It looked terrified, and so would I if she was looking at me like that. 

I caught up to her, and she snarled at me. I reached forward, but she darted away. In the distraction the cat sped off. Zeera glanced at me, and then chased after it once again.

"COME HERE, AND DIE!" She yelled. I ran after her, and grabbed her. She tried to get away, but my unusually strong arms held her tight. She bit me, but I didn't let go. Then after about five minutes she calmed down.

"I can't... I can't sense it any more." she whispered. I let go and she turned around.

"Thank you." She muttered. 

"Your welcome, wolfie." I laughed. "Man, that was crazy." 

She punched me in my arm, and surprisingly it hurt.

"Hey, what was that for?" I asked, rubbing my arm.

"For going left!" 

She stormed past me and made her way back to the car. I caught up with her, and she frowned at me.

"Listen, I'm sorry." I said to her, still grinning. She ignored me, making me smile more. Stubborn. That was what she was. 

I put my arm around her shoulders, and she shrugged it off. 

"If it makes it any better, it was hard to catch up with you. Normally nothings a struggle." I whispered in her ear.

 I saw the corner of her lips turn up, but she looked away quickly. One more word. It would only take one more word. I leant closer to her ear. 

"Meow...." I whispered. 

She burst out laughing. Punching me, jokingly, she  smiled at me. 

"You big brute! I feel like a fool already." she shouted, but she was still smiling.

After a few seconds she looked up at me again.

"Thanks for getting me." She said. I nodded, and then noticed we had reached the car again.

The End

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