Power Run Down


I didn't know why but I felt very happy when Grace didn't make me move her hands like everyone else would have to, I didn't even notice how jitery Zeera was until......

"GET BACK HERE YOU DISGUSTING LITTE FELINE!" Zeera jumped out of the car, chasing after the cat, oh, thats why she wanted us to drive the other way, crud.

"Whats all that about?" Ev asked, his eyes wide as he chased after Zeera in the car

"She hates cats" Rishon mumbled

"I hate cats" Ev said "But I don't chase them, remembering that we're what you are, could you tell us the real reason so I can actually avoid the damn things!"

"It's kinda part of her powers, her....wolf side. When she sees or smells a cat, this happens"

"Good thing we don't have a cat then" Lacey mumbled n a jokey way, wait, Lacey? Jokng? Wow.

"Ev, do you think you could get out the car and stop her, since you are mr athlete"

Ev rolled his eyes and pulled over, bolting after Zeera.

"So I guesse we should wait here" I smiled, pulling Grace a little closer "It gives us time to talk. So, Rishon your powers are mechanical right?"

"More or less"

"Grace is a temptress" I explained "She atracts the opposite sex from miles around, one glance and thats it, cept I'm the only one immune to it" Grace rolled her eyes "Oh and her brother ofcourse" I laughed. "My powers are related to hipnotism, I can hipnotise people with my voice and my sister is well.....she can sort f scare people, make them go away, also like hipnotism."

Rishon looked at Lacey, doubting it

"It's true" she sighed "But it comes in handy"

"Ev's like a super jock" I laughed "That pretty much sums it up oh and then theres this other girl but..." my voice faltered and I remembered the awful feeling earlier "yeah, anyway just so you know, if you feel drawn to a certain someone and reveal your gift to them and they don't freak out...it means that you've found your true other half"

"I know" he smiled a little, blushing. "Do you think we should go after them?"

"Nah, Ev's probably on her tail right now, he'll bring her back soon" I smiled, no one's ever been able to out run Ev but maybe he's met his match. The I felt it, a numb ache inside me, like an echo of relief and pain, like novacaine with an edge, I struggled to keep my breath even, whats going on?

The End

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